Separating Men from Boys


Style is subjective, yet there are certain standards that make a man’s sense of style what it is. It may not always be about being seen in a suit. While the bespoke suit is the single best outfit that can make a man look his best, having a great sense of style means that he will look his best in practically anything that he wears. The bottom line is, you need to get better and better every day with the way you dress.

But how can you find out if you are indeed improving in the way you dress? The simple answer to this question is, by making a great first impression with people that you meet in everyday life. If you have made a great first impression, it always shows. Human psychology is predictable. If someone likes the way you dress all you need to do is to look out for the way they check you out from top to bottom, getting closer looks at your attire.

If you manage to evoke such a level of interest in the people you interact with, then you know that you are getting there! But in order to get there, you must follow an approach that will help you follow the right path.

  • Dress up like a grown up: Maturity is the attribute that separates the men from the boys. It is also a trait that everyone, including the women, finds attractive. Your sense of dressing always conveys your level of maturity and you need to start paying attention to it. Maturity shows masculinity which in turn commands respect. A lot of guys are still stuck in a dressing sense that they might have picked from their college days. If you happen to have signs of your style from college, you need to lose it immediately and start dressing your age. This means well-fitting clothing that is pressed to perfection with neat and clean shoes.
  • Lose the graphic tees: T-shirts with slogans and funky graphics on them are cute, that’s about it. When you step into the world of grown-ups, you need to find something that is original. Lose those graphic tees and try on solid coloured t-shirts with simple patterns. If you have a great physique, you will not believe the effect that it can have on your sense of style.
  • Get well-fitting jeans: Most young people often wear their graphic t-shirts with baggy denim jeans; this needs to stop, immediately! Denim jeans are an apparel that can give you maximum masculinity with your style and wearing the wrong type can absolutely ruin things for you. A pair of slim fit jeans will highlight your physique making you look attractive.
  • Add chinos to the equation: Denim jeans are alarmingly limited in terms of colours. This is where chino trousers deliver. Moreover, they carry that sophisticated charm of tailored trousers as well. This is a win-win combination for a man who knows his style. Time to add some chinos into your wardrobe!
  • Focus on your footwear: You footwear is the first thing that people notice about you. You can instantly ruin a great attire by wearing the wrong footwear with it. Make it a habit to wear footwear that is neat and clean. If you need to wear formal shoes, do not leave your house without a good coat of shoe polish on them!
  • Learn to use a blazer: Nothing conveys maturity in style like the use of a blazer. Try and incorporate the smart looks of a blazer into your style regularly. There is just so much to gain from what they can bring to your style.

We believe that more often than not, there are no fixed rules in fashion. A pair of blue faded or slim fit jeans with dark double breasted blazer with a solid coloured shirt underneath can be a perfect fit for any casual occasion. Following a trend that you do not like is not recommended. For instance, slim fit jeans can do a better service of enhancing your physique than a pair of skinny fit jeans. A slim cut straight leg pair of jeans may be perfect to give a fitted aesthetic without the leg strangling hardships of tight denim.

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